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We are currently seeking new physicians to join our team of highly qualified providers. QME provides all the tools our associate physicians need in order to deliver accurate evaluations efficiently.

Injured workers, worker's attorneys, or insurance companies select a QME (Qualified Medical Evaluation) to examine injuries and prepare a med-legal report to help resolve a workers' comp case.


Quality Medical Evaluators is a comprehensive panel of highly trained and specialized medical providers linking the medical community with the legal and worker’s compensation comunities.

Our doctors specialize in PQMEs and IMEs as well as disability evaluations and are fully compliant and up-to-date with all aspects of the AMA guides and Almaraz-Guzman II.

In addition to their complete understanding of the AMA guides, they offer:
  • High quality, ratable reports
  • Acceptance by applicant, defense bar, and claims examiners
  • Electronic receipt of medical records
  • Electronic delivery of PQME reports
Please give us a cal at 855.PANEL.QME or 855.726.3576. We are more than happy to schedule an appointment or answer any questions that you may have for usor for any of our panel QME doctors.

Rick Albert
President, QME

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